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Environmental Displays

The display and events industry has relied heavily on PVC over the years in some ways because there were very few eco-friendly alternatives of a professional looking quality ... until now. 


Why Polypropylene?

Environmentally Friendly

Before polypropylene was invented, the gaseous waste from oil such as propylene and ethylene were simply burned, because they were useless. Today, these gases are used to produce polypropylene, thus drastically reducing atmospheric pollution. The production process also eliminates the potential polluting of rivers, streams and lakes, due to the use of water in a closed cooling cycle.


The polypropylene used is entirely recyclable and satisfies all four EU criteria for assessing the environmental impact of a material (minimal use of natural resources, reduced emissions, long working life, optimal reuse).

There is a high demand for polypropylene for recycling purposes as it can be recycled more than 50 times without any reduction in strength. Recycled polypropylene has uses as car parts, furniture, pots and pallets separators.


PVC-Free and Recycleable

Recycled and Recyclable Canvas
Recycled Textile

Kavalan is the first viable eco-friendly alternative to traditional PVC banner material offering all the benefits of PVC but with none of the eco-toxicity. This ground breaking product is PVC-Free and phthalate-free and features a biodegradable coating, it looks and feels like PVC, has the strength of PVC but is up to 50% lighter which significantly reduces its transport carbon footprint.

Kavalan can be disposed of without harmful effects to health or the environment. At end of life if its incinerated it's emissions are hundreds of times lower than that of traditional banner PVC and well below the minimum safety levels issued by EU guidelines. In fact, Kavalan can also be 'green-incinerated' to generate electricity. Even if it accidentally ends up in landfill, its non-polluting, water-based and biodegradable coating will easily decompose.

Recycled & Recyclable Canvas

It is made entirely from SCS certified post consumer waste from a minimum of 80% recycled plastic bottles. This is the most environmentally friendly canvas for one-piece paste-the-wall. This textile is sustainable, reusable and recyclable. There are up to 4 large recycled 1.5l bottles in one square metre of this wallcover textile. This material also meets the certification of SCS Indoor Advantage™ Gold which states a test regarding harmful emissions of fabrics and products in the interiors application. Fabrics certified by SCS contribute to a better room air quality. Flame protection: DIN-4102 B1 & EN13501-1. Dirt repellent and scrub resistant coating to DIN EN 12956.

Recycled Textile

This innovative backlit textile is made from 100% recycled PET plastic bottle waste. Produced to the highest standards ensuring stunning backlit and frontlit applications, it is top coated for use with UV, Latex and Solvent inks, and ensures brilliant colour reproduction. Crease and wrinkle-free on tension with no bruising or marking when folded, it’s the ultimate material for all backlit applications in retail, event and exhibition graphics. Flame protection: DIN 4102-1-B1 & EN13501. This textile is also REACH, Global Recycled Standard certified and also compliant with the California Proposition 65.

Post Consumer Waste Boards

Our ecoboard product is a substitute for MDF and foam PVC (Foamex), it's made from 100% post-consumer kraft and sugar cane waste in the core but has all the rigidity and stability of foam PVC whilst being 75% lighter than MDF. The outer liners are FSC certified virgin fibre, it's fully recyclable and repulpable alongside normal waste paper.

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