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Hybrid events - a blend of physical and virtual attendees

Conferences, seminars, meetings, presentations, press conferences, launches, award events, product demonstrations etc, can be held with a mix of both a physical and virtual audience.


Invite the number of physical attendees that is allowed according to the Corona restrictions. Stream the event and let the rest attend virtually. For example, let your seminar also be a webinar. For your award event, let the nominees participate physically and invite the rest for a digital experience.

LAPTOP Seminar Webinar.jpg

Branding your background is important

We have put together some hybrid event product ideas. All the products are portable, quick to assemble and the graphics can be updated and changed as needs require.

Generic Awards (001)-1.jpg

Super backdrops for larger events

A large backdrop created with a combination of straight and curved joined pop up stands printed in high resolution onto  non-PVC light stop fabric. Use and reuse the backdrops individually or in other combinations for future events. When you need to update your message just a new one and exchange it easily.

Backlit background with lightboxes-with

Backlit backdrops with lightboxes

Use three lightboxes to create a bright and high quality background for your event. The ultra portable lightboxes are easy to set up. When you need to update your print just order a new pne and easily swap them over.

4 images.jpg

Get a free 3D rendering

Tell us about your event criteria, such as; size, budget and functionalities and we'll create a 3D rendering of your display solution. You will be able to view the event rendering with your own graphics and also see how you can use your display solution for future events.

Fill out our contact form below or call us on 020 8 293 5400 

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