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Vaccination and Testing Booths

As the national Covid-19 vaccination programme continues to roll out there's an increasing requirement for quick and easy to assemble booths, cubicles and wayfinding signage. As part of our COVID Essentials range we're introducing a line of test and vaccinate products that can be bespoke printed with messages and logos.

Self Testing Booths

Self-Testing Booths



  • Easy to set-up and site in office area or a side room

  • Constructed from wipe-clean Foamex, the booth is simple to keep sanitised ready for re-use

  • Comes with a mirrored areas and automatic sanitiser

  • Graphic area can be customised if required


The easy build booths are designed to either sit on a table or desk or installed against a wall and are made from rigid lightweight PVC board. The units can be deployed in minutes thanks to their slot together design and are easy to wipe clean thereby ensuring they are hygienic and sanitised. The Desktop and Freestand Booths are ideal for sectors where it is not possible for staff to work from home such as manufacturing, food production, the armed forces, education, care homes, travel, construction, or hospitality industries.

Scalable Booths

Scalable Booths

All our booths are made in the UK and can be manufactured on quick turnaround times. Our standard booths are 2m x 2m and are made from linear aluminium profiles with Foamex infill panels which can be bespoke printed as an option if required. The booths are modular in design, so they are ideal for smaller areas or can be scaled up for large facilities. The configurations are quick to deploy and easy to wipe clean, thereby ensuring the booths can be sanitised when in use. We can also design and manufacture custom booths if required.

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L-Wedge Panels

L Wedge

L-Wedge panels are a cost-effective way to create cubicle spaces to administer vaccinations or carry out COVID testing. The panels are ideal for use in spaces where facilities need to be deployed quickly and then removed so the area can be used for other purposes. Create a 2m wall panel by using two L-Wedge together. Build a cubicle by using two parallel wall panels positioned at right angles to a wall. A basic U-shaped single cubicle can also be assembled using the L-Wedge. The L-Wedge is made from steel and has a black powder coated finish. It can hold a Foamex panel which can be supplied plain or printed and can be wiped clean to keep it hygienic and sanitised. 


Self-Sanitising Textile Booths

Our unique antimicrobial vaccination booths have inherent self-sanitising properties, and the fabric walling remains germ and microbe resistant without the need to wipe clean. Booths are portable and are quick and easy to assemble and are scalable and reconfigurable so will adapt to venue constraints. The booth design is semi-private but open so air can circulate. A single booth can be assembled from three 1.8m wide frames and two 0.8m wide frames. Each frame is numbered and use a colour coding system and is assembled without the need for tools and the fabric walling is designed to pull over the frame like a sock and is secured in place with a zip.

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